About Mara Kelland

Mara Kelland is a licensed Simply Music Piano and Inner Musician Play A Story teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from AUT and a Certificate in Freelance Journalism from the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies. Through all her studies, music was her constant companion and is her first love.

My Digitisation project

I Have talked here before about my digitisation project and the software I use to make it possible. I recently took this up again. I have imported all my CD audiobooks on to my Mac. It is amazing to me that I read so much trash when I was younger. Now I read mostly nonfiction. [...]

Social Networks and Other Old Junk

So in 2015 I wrote a blog post. It was about social networking and how there were so many and I wanted certain things to happen. surprisingly, not much has changed since then. I still want something that will post across a bunch of accounts. There are too many social networks and it just gets [...]

New Year,, New me?

Hello to everybody after such a long time I am updating this blog to tell you what is going on. Last year I took a day job to make a bit of extra money. I returned to my alma mater, AUT, to work as a notetaker. I had done the same job while I was [...]

Periscoping again

Come with your questions! I will be periscoping at 8pm NZ time. I will be talking about the Inner Musician improvisation programme. This is how we star piano for life. Come and check it out in this virtual introduction! You can clik this link to find me on periscope and hopefully catch the live broadcast. [...]

GoPro Experiment Part 2

Now the time has come to report on the GoPro experiment. Some of my friends have been eagerly awaiting me to write about this . It has taken so long just because of life things getting in the way. When I decided I was going to buy an action camera there wasn't much about blind [...]

Amanda McBroom Was Here and I Missed out, again!

Well, I'll be damned! Cabaret singer and songwriter extraordinaire Amanda McBroom was here and I missed her, again. Unfortunately it was last year. McBroom wrote The Rose for Bette Middler and has been covered by Judy Collins (where I first heard of her) and others. As a performer she has covered songs by Jacques Brel [...]

Being Rough On The Blues

Folk Music is the music of the people open to interpretation. Classical music - supposedly serious music - is where the composers write down exactly what to play and they mean it. I have my feet in two camps - I am a folk musician and attempting to be a classical one. Simply Music curriculum [...]