Reviews and other general notes on music.

New Year,, New me?

Hello to everybody after such a long time I am updating this blog to tell you what is going on. Last year I took a day job to make a bit of extra money. I returned to my alma mater, AUT, to work as a notetaker. I had done the same job while I was [...]

Periscoping again

Come with your questions! I will be periscoping at 8pm NZ time. I will be talking about the Inner Musician improvisation programme. This is how we star piano for life. Come and check it out in this virtual introduction! You can clik this link to find me on periscope and hopefully catch the live broadcast. [...]

Amanda McBroom Was Here and I Missed out, again!

Well, I'll be damned! Cabaret singer and songwriter extraordinaire Amanda McBroom was here and I missed her, again. Unfortunately it was last year. McBroom wrote The Rose for Bette Middler and has been covered by Judy Collins (where I first heard of her) and others. As a performer she has covered songs by Jacques Brel [...]

On Wagner

Ihave been devouring the past few days at night a lecture series on the music of "" Wagner It’s a very good, interesting lecture series by Prof. Robert Greenberg. Wagner was an absolute bastard. He wanted so much to be somebody during his lifetime but didn’t get anywhere. He was constantly in debt and often [...]

I’m spinning records for love!

Hey all-I am officially an internet DJ spinning records for love. My show is on MushroomFM on Friday at 5pm in New Zealand. That’s Thursday 11pm ET in the US. I hope you will tune in and check me out. I have never done a radio show by myself before. I used to make recordings [...]