My Digitisation project

I Have talked here before about my digitisation project and the software I use to make it possible. I recently took this up again. I have imported all my CD audiobooks on to my Mac. It is amazing to me that I read so much trash when I was younger. Now I read mostly nonfiction. [...]

Social Networks and Other Old Junk

So in 2015 I wrote a blog post. It was about social networking and how there were so many and I wanted certain things to happen. surprisingly, not much has changed since then. I still want something that will post across a bunch of accounts. There are too many social networks and it just gets [...]

New Year,, New me?

Hello to everybody after such a long time I am updating this blog to tell you what is going on. Last year I took a day job to make a bit of extra money. I returned to my alma mater, AUT, to work as a notetaker. I had done the same job while I was [...]

Be My Eyes

I have just got a new computer, another Mac from Apple. I spent the past few days setting it up. This is run of the mill stuff — I migrated all my content over from my old Mac. But there were some messages that VoiceOver, the built-in screenreader that comes with Mac OS wouldn’t read. This post [...]

My Geographical

I want to share with you all about my Geographical to Sydney. What I didn’t tell you was I was going to see a friend and was abandoned to my own devices by friend for most of the week I was gone. On Sunday April 2, I walked a mile up the Pacific Highway to [...]

Why I Finally turned on UEB

This post will probably only be of interest to my blind readers but am putting it here anyway… For sightlings who don’t know what I am talking about here are a few definitions and a little background. In 1900 there were a lot of different systems of writing for the blind in English. Apparently Helen [...]